My Second 2nd Place

So yesterday, while spending a wonderful day with my children,thus is why I did not post and really hope you understand, we played in the day, took in many games of Cornhole and enjoyed simply being with each other!

During this great day, I got a telephone call with some great news! One of the organizers for the Chestnut Festival’s 2016 Photo Contest was calling to inform me that I had placed 2nd in this years contest and was asking for my address so that a prize check could be mailed to me. I want to let it be known that I am extremely excited to win 2nd place for the second time!

The truth about life is 2nd place is often a building block to 1st! How we handle those moments helps determine just how hard we will be willing to work towards our future. As for me, I am grateful! Gratitude for placing in between the top and the bottom and for having the opportunity to reach this moment in my career.

So before I turn in for the night, I would like to leave you with some advice, fight sleep until it takes you down, ignore negative comments, regardless of who might say them and know that only you and you alone set your pace and achieve your goals! All of the rest will come and go, it is you who will remain. Hang in there and keep going!

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