Speaking Engagement


What else can I possibly say but, this week started off with a bang and it just keeps ricking out!

What began with my speaking engagement has now continued with the presentation being published in the towns local paper. I am always grateful for insertion into a newspaper but never let that get in the way of having a great time with the class. These Students were awesome and are on a great path to their own success!


Although today was a warm and much longer day, I am focused and determined more than ever!  I left my day job for my second job and was exhausted, but, I keep the wheels turning by pressing on and getting my work done with quality! That is how winning is done!


When a zebra wakes up, it knows it has to outrun the tiger or get eaten. The tiger wakes up knowing it has to be faster than the zebra or it will starve. The meaning? In life, you have to get up and get moving! No one ever found success by sitting on their dreams and goals. The world WILL respond to movement!! Get out there and notch your place in the world!

Have a great Friday!!

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