Long End Leads To A Great Beginning!

The past couple of days have left me dragging. I have come home from work Friday night after 11 and fell asleep in my recliner and apologize for not posting. Last night, I watched some movies with my kids at Gma and Gpas house and got home very late. I hate not writing those nights and want to say sorry.

It now has been many weeks of working 75 hours a week between two jobs and something I did not see at first has come to mind. The first week or two I did not notice things but know, after many weeks lack of sleep over time has caught me. I took an hour longer at my night job because I was having trouble focusing and staying awake. Co workers at my day job told me that at one point I was sitting at my desk and snoring. Not good when it effects your work. I have been thinking and will make a decision this week on what direction I think will be best to keep moving forward in a positive way.

Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Lawrenceville High School in Illinois and speaking with a writing class and I could not be more siked! I feel so grateful to meet the amazing students and share our passion for storytelling! I am also excited to get back in front of a group again and help others realize their goals!

I am waiting on the magazine articles to be published and believe all three should be at any time! Until then, I can not stay awake any longer but want to wish you a wonderful start to the week ahead and hope it you make your mark on it!

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