Full Day

After a busy night last night, I found it a bit difficult to wake up this morning. I still got up like normal and did some reading and had a sort amount of time for myself to just think about things.

My day job was a bit stressful, usually is, and hot in the afternoon when I took a delivery to a neighboring town. I was glad to see the end of day come and I could go home, even if for a very short time.

My mother works at my second job also and tonight, I worked with her tonight. When we work together, we generally get a lot of work done because we help one another to our jobs and two is better than one on some jobs.

Today, I also began searching for the newest issue of S.E. Illinois Family Living Magazine. I am hoping my article on Chauncey Community Baseball will be in it! I also am excited to hear back from the editor of Tri-State OUTDOORS Magazine to write back about the article for their publication.

And now, since I am misspelling every other word because of my tiredness, I want to wish you a great Thursday and hope you are finding happiness in you life!!

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