Relief In Sight

With the beginning of this week, Mother Nature brought what many of us here in southern Illinois have been wanting, in the form of cooler weather.

Last night, I took my kids out to a small ice cream shop, one town over and we had a great time! I listened as Lynden told some very funny jokes and we played ‘I Spy’ for over half an hour, all the while eating some very good ice cream cones and hot fudge sundays!

This morning, Lynden and I made eggs, sausage and cinnamon rolls, all of which Ethan and Rylen inhaled until they were both full. We played some, as we always do, before they had to leave earlier than normal for some fun times with their mother and step-dad.

The free time allowed me to venture to my rental house and install the floor in the bathroom. After a couple of hours the plywood was down and you can walk into the bathroom without having to stand on floor joist only! Now that the house has safe floors it is time to move onto preparing the walls for paint!

I came home and began work on The Boondock Kids and have another page completed. Tonight finds the four friends following Kelmare into the Clawthorne Mountains. As they walk, only their footsteps are heard echoing between the mountain tops. The four find this strange and ask Kelmare why they can hear nothing else.

Kelmare explains that the mist between the mountains is thick and almost like a filter. Only sounds of the right pitch and frequency are able to find their way through the mist and echo about. He also explains that the mountains of The Misty Claw Hollow (the Clawthorne Mountains and The Misty Mountains combined) has season and once the light mist season arrives it is less difficult to hear other sounds, however, they were in a thick mist season and that was why they could not hear anything but their own footsteps.

Sindy then asked Kelmare about being seen by the Zephermyte Army and was assure that since the Zephermytes had not seen them they were safe since a Zephermyte will not look far beyond it main objective. Had they been seen, they would be in danger but were very much safe.

As they walked on it began to seem like they had traveled a long distance compared to the time they had spent traveling. It is then that they all question Kelmare about how time and travel work in Spyderia.

My next project is to work on my article for Tri-State OUTDOOR Magazine. I am being paid for an article on my picture books and the journey it took to complete it. I look to have it finished this week and look forward to its print.

Until then, I wish everyone a great start to the work week and hope you all Live With Passion!!