Barney & Lexi Reach Indianapolis!!

Last week, I sent Barney & Lexi off to Indianapolis to three great kids!

My phone went off this morning and I had a great moment sent to me that I sometimes do not get to witness away from the signing table. The father of these three awesome readers sent me a video of them getting their books! I stood at my day job and could not stop smiling! The joy of reading is a valuable gift and I am honored for Barney & Lexi to be in their lives!


Later this evening, the good father wrote me a message and said that his son sat down and began reading it and could not put it down until it was the end! That is better than gold to me!!! I am so very happy they each loved Barney & Lexi and hope they cherish them for all time!

I apologize but I worked later tonight and I am almost ready to pass out at my desk. I did get my first check tonight and my weekly rate will be around 180 a week that will go into a savings account for my writing and all things associated with it! Here is to the future!!Have a great Saturday and never stop believing!!

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