End The Heat

I will be honest, I would rather be warm that cold but I am very much ready for the Fall weather to begin. It was very warm at work this morning and I was outside in the heat some of the afternoon.

While at work tonight, I ran into the schools guidance counselor whom I spoke with for a time about writing and my books. I then was asked if I would like to participate in the schools annual career day in the winter and discuss writing and what I have done up until know.  I said I would enjoy that and that was left at that for now.

There isn’t anything else tonight but a pillow and a bed to welcome me. I am typing with one eye open and am almost asleep, but I am so grateful for my first check tomorrow from the second job and that will go right into a savings account for my writing and the rest will be history!

I hope you have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the end of the week! Stay positive!!