The Second Day Of 1st For Me!

Boy was it hot today! The air conditioners at my day job almost quit and the store-front was very, very warm. I was very happy to return home and get a refreshing shower before heading of to my evening job. I admit that my back is a bit sore tonight but I believe the heat helped with that today. I do enjoy entering a cool building and working until my work is done though.

Regardless of the heat, I am very excited with another first for me and my writing! The editor of Tri-State OUTDOOR Magazine contacted me today and asked if I would work up an article on my picture book project for the upcoming Fall issue of the magazine! I quickly said yes and after gathering just a few specifics, I now have a new article to write and get sent in before the October 10th deadline! And the 1st for me is that I will be paid $40.00 for the article! It has also taken 12 years to make money with my passion and I am so very grateful for that!

When the editor found out about my writing, she informed me that they have a sister publication that might be a good fit for a story about my writing career up to right now. I am in shock some that I may get work into two more magazines this year, and good solid publications at that!!

I also spoke with a teacher who heads up a high school writing class and have confirmed that I will travel to the school in October and speak with her students about the process and dedication it take to hang in there when writing! I will know more as it draws closer.

As for now, I bid you a goodnight. I hope you have a great Thursday and make your mark on the world! Have a great day!!