It Took 12 Years Of Hard Work To Hear This!!!!

Today has been a day that I will never forget!

During my morning work, my inbox went off and I previewed it on my phone. That means I read who is sending it and the first part of the sentence. I stopped work just long enough to see that it was from a literary agency and began by saying Barney & Lexi was an interesting concept but… That was all I could read and upon seeing the word ‘BUT’, I smiled and kept on working, simply assuming it was another gracious pass on one of my books.


After getting very hot this morning, I came home for lunch and look through my emails. I came to the email I had previewed earlier and opened it. I won’t jinx it by saying who it was from but the email was from the founder of a long standing literary agency and was in regards to Barney & Lexi! This was no rejection letter though!! I read onward and when I had finished, the 12 years of hard work, ups and downs and hard times became all worth it!!!

The email did begin with telling me that Barney & Lexi was interesting, however, the ‘but’ was not a rejection but rather an explanation saying the agency was not taking on any chidren’s books for the remainder of the year. It then read, that if Barney & Lexi had not been picked up by another agency by year’s end, that I needed to write this founding agent back after New Year’s, with a copy of today’s email so they would remember us talking. Then we would discuss Barney & Lexi: Lost In Lawrenceville!

I thank my God for this moment and am humbled by it and am grateful for every single person who has supported me when it seemed so far away. I can not wait and see what lies in store for the two unlikely friends in 2017!! Here is to the reality that nothing is impossible!!!

As I have just came home from my second job, I am getting a quick soda and heading to bed to get up at 5:45 and begin my day! I wish you a wonderful Wednesday and hope you find everything comes your way!