Labor Day Work

What a great Labor Day it was for me and I hope, for you also! After a great cook out last night, my 8 year old, Ethan, wanted to come home with me and spend a second night with me. That made me feel so happy and we had a great day together, we had breakfast, I did the laundry, we then watch cartoons on the television. I admit that we are really getting into a Nickelodeon show called ‘Loudhouse’ about a boy named Lincoln Loud who lives in a house with ten sisters.

We ate lunch as the laundry finished and was put away, we drove up the street to the local dollar store and got drinks and a snack. Ethan then showed me a new game he had on his tablet. I admit that one of the most wonderful feelings is to lay next to your child and hear them as they sleep or play on a tablet, lol. I have not had a full day with Ethan, alone for some time and am very grateful for such a memorable day!

The evening eventually came and Ethan walked next door to his mothers home and I got to work on query letters and researching agents for Barney and Lexi. After a couple of hours on research I put together four query letters, wrote a friend of mine about gaining some advice on two speaking engagements I will be doing at schools for my writing. I also found out that my magician friend, Daniel’s wife, Elle, does book cover design for an american and Philippine based publisher.

I then worked in another page to The Boondock Kids which saw Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena following Kelmare down the Lower Valley Stairwell. Sindy and Cristena were using there feet to clear the steps before them of the small rubble pieces and dust so they could safely walk. Louis began to mimic the girls and soon began kicking the dust onto Mario’s right leg. Mario brought this to Louis’s attention which broke Louis’s ¬†attention to the steps and he began to stumble. Sindy and Cristena turned just in time to see Louis falling towards them. He crashed into them both, knocking them forward as well.

Thankfully, Kelmare was just able to stop their fall before they were to hit the steps. Louis apologized, however, Mario rushed to them taking responsibility for Louis not watching his steps. No one was harmed and it was then that everyone realized that they were only a hundred or so steps from the bottom of the stairwell.

“99, 100, 101, 102, 103,” Mario and Louis said as they reached the last step of the stairwell.

Now The Boondock Kids are at the base of the Clawthorne Mountains and are about to follow Kelmare through the fog, to the Drane River which will lead them right to Serabantha Castle where they can safely see the castle from an outlining range of hills at the end of the castle grounds.

As the work week begins again for many, I wish nothing but a wonderful Tuesday and hope nothing but a positive day comes everyone’s way!