Hard Steps

Today the weather was beautiful! I cut the grass and had my children for the weekend and had a wonderful time playing with them and enjoying the moments!

This evening we topped it all off with a cookout with some family and friends in the next town over. Hamburgers, hot dogs and chips made for some good eating and we finished the next couple of hours with many games of corn hole in the backyard. I admit that my kids are getting better every time the play that game. It was a cool night and it made for some great conversation and laughs!

As I returned home with Ethan, who asked to spend the night again, I sat down and got another page of The Boondock Kids completed! Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena had trouble walking down the stairwell due to so much powder and dust covering the steps themselves.

Sindy and Cristena often used their feet to push the powder over the steps to reveal where it was safe to place their feet. Meanwhile, Mario and Louis were peering continuously peering over the barrier wall that ran along side the stairwell.

Sindy noted all of the powder covering the stairwell and Kelmare replied by saying that being forged out of the side of the cliff, the rock crumbles and forms such powder and dust. He also notes that many do not use the stairwell anymore.

As Cristena asks why, Kelmare explains that Queen Zardania often use the Lower Valley for safe passage of her army and many do not enter these days. However, Kelmare assured The Boondock Kids that he was there to guarantee everyone’s safety. Kelmare then notices Mario and Louis Leaning over the side of the barrier wall and peering into the Lower Valley.

“Might not want to have so much faith in the barrier wall,” he said, noting that he had never hear of anyone ‘accidentally’ falling from the stairwell but that the wall is not brand new either. Mario and Louis quickly leaned away from the riling as everyone made it half way down the stairwell.

With Labor Day upon us, I want to wish you a wonderful holiday and hope you use the day to make it happen!!!