Progress Saturday!

for dans kidsAfter working 45 hours at my day job and 12 hours at my evening job, I am happy to have a Saturday off to work on things.

I got a message today from a Jr. High teacher, asking me to come to her school and speak to the students. I am excited about that and look forward to hearing from her with more details about that! I will let you know more as I know more! 🙂

Now that school has begun, I am looking forward speaking with a local high school writing class! I spoke with the teacher of that class last year and we decided that with the coarse being only for the first semester of school that this year would work out best for my speaking engagement. It will be a great time regardless!

I spent my morning getting Barney & Lexi ready for their trip to Indianapolis as they are going to Indy to surprise three wonderful children! I am so grateful for my readers and hope they each loved the two unlikely friends!

Speaking of Indy, it looks as though I will make it there this Fall and be able to catch up with my long-time friend, Magician Daniel Lusk. I’m not for sure when right now but know we will make it happen this Fall!

It’s such a beautiful day in southern Illinois and I hope it is also a great day where you are!! I wish you a great Saturday! Never Stop Believing!


Three Day Weekend

With another 14 hours worked today, I am so thankful for the  $130.00 made this week. Money I did not have before but that will soon go into the bank. 

Tomorrow night, Sunday night and Monday night, I do not work and will get some more pages of The Boondock Kids worked out. 

As I turn in tonight, I want to wish you a wonderful Saturday and start to a positive Labor Day Weekend!