Got To Do Something!!

First, let me say that I regret not being on over the weekend. I took my own advice and burnt paths in my house as I thought of what I must do to keep myself moving forward.

Today, I came home from my work, made dinner for myself and sat down with the evening news as I ate. I found myself finished with my dinner and simply watching the news with no real intent. Right then it began!

I started feeling a sense of “This is not ‘ok’ anymore!”

I got up and began to pace my house and kept asking myself what must I do! Then I thought of something I often put off. In order to succeed, you have to look at who you have around you. When I did that, I realized that I had no relationships with any other authors and therefore, no support system for going anywhere.

I sat down and reached out to the SCBWI group on yahoo and flat out said I wanted to make friends and begin creating lasting communications with peers like me. I also explained what I have been doing over the past 12 years and have sought advice and support from others for successful progress and positive momentum.

Ok is not Ok anymore. I WANT MORE! This step came to me only after I forced myself into a state were the norm is not acceptable and while it took a couple of days, something finally clicked and I made myself jump on it and worked my hardest to see it through.

Now I feel great because I made myself reach a state where action had to happen and I went all in with emotion to do it!

As Tuesday approaches, I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and make it work for you!