Coming Down The Stairs

Well, today was hot. I mean it was very hot! The heat index registered at 107* F and it would be the day that the loader at work was down and I had three deliveries to make before lunch and all had to be unloaded by hand.

I became very overheated and for the remainder of the day, I have been feeling very weak and dizzy. I got to the point that I stopped sweating and that is never a good situation to get yourself into.

The deliveries were made and I pushed myself through the workday and got it done in good manner!

Lynden also came over this evening and as the sun set, he and I had a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream. It was only for an hour but it was a nice break to watch him wrestle with Ethan’s cat, Smokey. When Lynden went home, I showered and sat down to work on another small piece of The Boondock Kids!

As Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena stared at the Lower Valley Stairwell, they were a bit skeptical. The stairwell is made of steep, cobble stone steps that had seen some time. Mario and Louis could not believe that the stairs had come out of the canyon wall.

Kelmare made his way through the black and white pillars and took a few steps down the stairwell before turning around. Mario and Louis were eager to follow but in front of them were Sindy and Cristena, who remained unsure of themselves. Kelmare assured the four friends that a slow an steady pace would find the in the Lower Valley in know time.

The Boondock Kids are now on their way down the stairwell!!!

With tomorrow being Friday, I hope for most of you, it is payday and becomes everything you want! Make it happen and take your moments!

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