How Hard You Can Get Hit & Still Get Up

Today, right before my lunch hour began, a gentleman named Hector, from Arizona wrote me and told me how my last video reached him and inspired him to get into a positive state. It means the world to me to know that I have help another reach the point in their life to push the envelope and move forward.

As we messaged one another over the lunch hour, Hector asked me if I ever fell on hard times. I opened up about my times living in a car and being homeless and what it felt like to get divorced. I let him know that I am single and often miss having someone around but am looking for a positive woman to come into my life and not pull me in the other direction.

When he explained to me that he works 60 hours a week and still feels stuck in life, I let him know that I understood exactly what he felt. I feel stuck in my own life as a writer and that is why I am trying so hard to get out of this rut and move onto a successful career.

Talking to Hector on a ‘not so good day’ for myself, I became inspired to make a video that is not rehearsed and is completely off the cuff, showing me on a less than successful day. I want to thank Hector for writing me and inspiring me to do this!