Not This Round

The latest issue of Hoosier Family Living Magazine has been released and unfortunately my article did not make the space for this printing. While my articles are generally green lit for approval, every writer is made well aware of space limitations and not assured of a selection for every issue. I have strong belief that the article will be seen in the next issue and will be a huge hit. Until then, the head stays up and the feet keep this thing a movin’.

This evening was a great one! I got to spend over an hour with Lynden, watching television and have just some simple chit chat! I love my time with my children and value my one on one time with each of them.

As for the illustrations of Queen Zardania, Danny tells me he is sketching several rough outs of her and I will get to see those soon enough. I will pick out the details that match my vision for her and then Danny will put those all together to bring the queen to life!

It was all in all a great day and some great things are flowing in the right channels. As this Wednesday begins, I hope that it is a blessed middle of the week and you are making your mark this week!