The Black & White Pillars Of Lower Valley

I have to begin tonight as a very thankful parent. Lynden’s left foot was not broken yesterday and he looks to heal after a week or so!! I was so very worried that it was broken and no parent wants their child hurt. Sent home with a boot to wear and crutches, he is feeling much better and returns to school tomorrow.

Today, the weather was enjoyable and I got to have lunch with my grandmother and my aunt who had drove home from Vermont for a visit. We always meet at a local dive that has some amazing food when she is home. Today was no exception and we sat at a corner table and had some great conversation.

This evening, I helped my grandmother out and aired up a car tire that had gone flat on her. I made my way home afterwards for dinner and working on The Boondock Kids.

As Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena saw now stairs leading down to the Lower Valley, Kelmare then offered to ‘remedy’ that problem.

He walked over to the left, black pillar and placed his hand on one of the black stones and left it there for a brief moment. With his hand still held out, he walked gently over to the right, white pillar and placed his hand upon one of the white stones and held it in place for a brief moment.

After lowering his arm, Kelmare returned to his friends who began to feel the ground beneath them begin to gently rumble. Cristena asked what was going on and Louis feared it was a quake. once the tremor had gone, Kelmare explained that he had ‘remedied’ the problem and asked The Boondock Kids to see for themselves.

Slowly making their way towards the black and white pillars, they each were shocked to now see before them, a stone stairwell that had emerged from the side of the cliff.

Now, as Tuesday has arrived, I wish you a wonderful day and hope that all finds you well and happy! Have a great day!

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