An Evening With The E.R.

What a wonderful day! The weather was sunny, cool and enjoyable. 

I took my kids to Indiana to check on my article for Hoosier Family Living Magazine. I found the new issue out but that my article had not made print this month. I hope it will reach the next publication.

It was then time for a visit with grandparents and many good games of cornhole. My children love this game and are actually very good at it! The events that would follow now have us at this point in time.

During the evening my sons were playing soccer when Lynden stepped on his left foot wrong and went down. It began swelling right away and I took him to the local E.R.. After three hours no more had been found out and nothing was given nothing for the pain. 

Now we have been in Indiana at a larger hospital E.R. and as midnight approaches it looks to be mid morning before we are able to leave. 

I want to ask for prayers thag it is not a broken foot. Thank you and I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

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