Nothing But Pillars

Today I remained at work, just a handful of minutes because my boss was gone for the day and I help the office staff finish the day before leaving. Although it was late, I managed to cross town and make it the junior high / high school baseball complex to watch Lynden play his first jr. high baseball game as a Red Hill Saluki.

I could not be more proud of my son today. Although he did not play most of the game, he remained steadfast and proud of his opportunity. The time would come however that he would step to the plate and on his third pitch, hit one to 3rd base. Although the baseman was right in place to stop the ball and through over to 1st base in time. Lynden walked back to the dugout with a smile and a couch letting him know he had done a good job. It was a good game and the weather was very supportive.

As for The Boondock Kids, they followed Kelmare to a point where he was calling this the beginning of the Lower Valley Stairwell. However, all Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena could see where two 10 feet tall stone pillars with large stone spheres placed on top of them. Mario and Sindy questioned Kelmare’s accuracy kindly and thought that maybe he had misplaced the stairwells location. Louis and Cristena both peered over the side of the cliff and saw no stairwell of any sort present.

Kelmare assured the four friends it was so, but were still cautious. Then Kelmare made sure that Louis and Cristena saw no stairwell, to which they replied no.

“Well then, we will have to remedy that then,” Kelmare replied as he made his way towards the two pillars to show his friends some magic.

With Thursday now very near, I hope yours will be filled with happiness and positive feelings. Have a wonderful Thursday everybody!