The Prancing Ferns

Today was my first day back to my day job from my vacation. I went back today motivated and stimulated into a positive state. Although work was again just work from 7 to 5, I was excited just the same.

Today was also open house for the local schools and I walked through the school with my children and met new teachers. I am very excited for the year that lays ahead for my wonderful boys!

I began tonight on The Boondock Kids back at the cliffs edge and found everyone following Kelmare. Mario and Louis however, had found a group of dancing leaves that appeared to waltz their way right of the edge and out of sight. The young boys would carefully pier over the side of the cliff to see the leaves were not afraid, but rather dancing through the air as they fell into the Lower Valley.

Kelmare was surprised and asked the boys if they had never seen “Prancing Ferns” before. Mario said no which caught Kelmare’s attention quickly. He then then questioned Mario and Louis about having no Prancing Ferns in Red Hill. Louis replied that they had leaves but they were blown together in the wind and did not dance but rather clashed in the wind. Kelmare laughed and informed the boys that they must have Fighting Ferns in Red Hill. This left Mario and Louis confused because either Kelmare was crazy silly or they actually had ‘Fighting Ferns’ in Red Hill, Oregon.

Sindy and Cristena had actually past the gazing boys and noticed that the sky was becoming darker and the clouds overhead were drawing much closer to them. When they asked Kelmare about the sky, he informed them that as they drew every so close to the edges of the Lower Valley and Clawthorne Mountains the foggy mist of Misty Claw Hollow grew closer as well. The gentle breeze blew against the four friends, leaving them feeling tingly inside.

Now the Boondock Kids are almost to the Lower Valley Stairwell and will soon be climb down the side of the cliff. What will lay ahead on the stairwell??

As another days draws closer to an end, I hope this week has found your with many blessings and has you beginning this new week in a positive state! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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