What began late Saturday evening with a desire to help others has turned into a moment that I am very grateful for!!

Saturday evening, I sat down and did a video about how short life is and that what you do and who you do them with can effect everything in your future. With every video, it is always my hope to help at least one person. Today I did!!

I am so very grateful to witness that video grow to 4,000 views in just over 2 days! I was working this afternoon and while going on a delivery, my phone went off with a comment from  a gentleman in Las Vegas and he was thanking my for my video. I pulled over right and put my truck in park and wrote this gentleman and thank him so much for commenting and wished him a positive day!

I am not sure where this will end up but I am excited to know that I have helped someone! It could become something huge or simply end right now but to know someone was touched is what makes kindness so positive!!

As the night begins, it is now time to check in with The Boondock Kids!!

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