The Lower Valley Stairwell

This evening I interviewed for a part time job in the evenings and it looks like I may, in fact, get the job. Custodian is not the most glamorous profession on this planet, I will use it for a positive benefit.

Steve Harvey was quoted as saying, “If you ain’t gritting your teeth, if you ain’t grinding, if you ain’t sweatin’, then you ain’t gonna make it!”

That could not be more true! So with every penny that I make from pushing a broom and taking out wastebaskets, I will put into a savings account that I will use solely and for no other means than my writing career! With two jobs, I will be tired but working towards my new life. So, here is to faith!

As for The Boondock Kids, they are peering over the side of the cliff and curious. Mario asks Kelmare how in the world are they to get down the cliff to even begin their journey into the Clawthorne Mountains.

Kelmare explains that the Lower Valley Stairwell is an old rock set of stairs that lead down the wall of the cliff and into the Lower Valley that sits at the base of the Clawthorne Mountains. When asked about how far the distance is to the stairs, Kelmare informs The Boondock Kids that it will take much longer to get down the stairwell then it will take to reach it. Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena agree to use the Lower Valley Stairwell and move away from the cliffs edge and await Kelmares formal announcement to head that way.

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