Next Magazine, Next Contest!

I have to admit that I absolutely enjoy how a rough evening can turn into a great day! All that is needed is hard work, confidence and a positive state.

This morning I woke up and from the start, began telling myself that this was no ordinary day! Today is going to be a day that some positive decisions are made and directions are mapped out.

I began by sitting down and communicating with Tri-State OUTDOOR Magazine and am excited to say that there is a possibility that the work I put into my photo journey a couple of years ago may turn into an article within the magazine! I will know more on that after some more correspondence and will let you all know.

I also took advantage of this day to enter some of my photos into the Lawrence County (IL.) Farm Bureau’s Photo Contest. I developed 79 of my favorites out of 4 or 5 thousand and made the drive to the local branch office. I signed the consent/entry form and left my photos with the receptionist and was on my way.

With a haircut out of the way, it is time for a spot of lunch before going out the door again. I hope everyone’s Friday is wonderful and safe. Never Give Up!!

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