The Whimsics Of Clawthorne Mountain


Well, I am on vacation and I would be lying if I said that I was not enjoying myself. I woke up this morning and was able to take my children to the barbershop that is in the next town over from me. I never have the opportunity to take them during the week because of my work and their schooling.

Today was different though! We climbed into my Jimmy and  drove five miles and was fortunate to arrive at the barbershop with no other customers there! Having three boys in to have before-school haircuts meant that there would be no wait time and that was a great and rare  thing!

My two oldest sons pay no attention to their haircuts but rather talk up a storm while they are getting one. My youngest however, watches every moment of his haircut and often twitches as if the clippers pull his hair. His eyes are always in the mirror, watching the barber as he trims.

We sat and watched Olympic Volleyball while the barber worked his magic. The USA team was beaten by a slightly better team from Spain. It was a good three-set match but in the end the better team won.

The haircuts were finished just as my boys mother arrived to take them on a trip out of state to do shopping for school clothes. I got three big hugs as I paid the barber and walked out the door. My children went to have a great time and I returned to 1 Imaginary Fox and went back to work on The Boondock Kids.

Mario asks Kelmare how they will travel to Serabantha Castle and he replies by having the four friends look out, over the bluff and towards a large mountain range. He asks them if they see the grey, near lifeless mountains in the short distance and the Boondocks Kids all reply yes. He then tells them that the mountains before them are the Clawthorne Mountains and that while grey and nearly lifeless, the mountains are a part of Misty Claw Hollow and shares this hollow with the Misty Mountains to the north.

In the mountains, Kelmare describes how quiet and tranquil the mountains are and also that a fog settles into the mountains that is thick enough that one can part it with their hands or blow an opening through it and see our way. Cristena takes that as almost enchanting and Kelmare agrees with her, saying that baring those who dwell there, it is a very enjoyable place. Louis then questions Kelmare about who lives in the Clawthorne Mountains.

Kelmare explains that the mountains are home to the Whimsics. Six feet tall, slender body with ice blue eyes and a shriek that is so loud it can not be heard but could put many into a trance. Kelmare assured Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena that Whimsics were loners and often are easily avoided.

Louis however was concerned about everyone’s safety. Kelmare comforts Louis by letting him know that should they come into contact with a Whimsic, he has just the thing to protect them from the shrieks which eases Louis’s concern, partly because of his own curiosity getting in the way. With Kelmare’s assurance, the Boondock Kids prepare to travel to the Clawthorne Mountains.

I’ll be back on this evening but for now have a few vacation errands to run. Have a wonderful Wednesday and make the most of your day!!

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