A Day With Mine

Today marked the beginning of my vacation and I began with a list of 20 things that need to be done that have been sat aside for some time. Many were marked off, several to go!

Today I repaired a telephone line outside 1 Imaginary Fox by myself. Now out of the way, I can rest that no person will be hurt by the damaged line.

It was then that my youngest son, Rylen came over for a visit and spent most of the afternoon with me. I put my plans on hold to spend them with my son, collecting the $80.00 collected from his last birthday, we made our way to the store where Rylen picked out a new game and portal for our Wii U. Being a LEGO portal, we sat at my desk for an hour and built it together, from the bottom up.

Then Rylen played with his new gift as I replaced a broken fish tank that had decided, overnight, to begin to leak. As I filled the new tank up and allowed the water to filter, I watched my son play for a time before putting the fish back into their new/old home.

He and I then climbed into my Jimmy and took our broken leaf blower into town and dropped it off to be repaired. When we returned, my second, Ethan, came to visit and help play the new game. I then went outside and gave Lynden’s dog a bath and erased the ‘wet dog’ smell with nothing more than a wet dog!

Then, as my kids played, I mowed the lawn and moved things around that needed placed elsewhere. As I hosed down my lawnmower, Lynden came over for a visit before baseball practice and then Boy Scouts.

Then it was time for all of my children to return to their mother and I ran the vacuum. I was later invited to go with Lynden and his Grandfather to go far outside of town to a private pond and run two young beagle hounds. I was happy for the invite and joned the two for a good memory as the sun sat.

We returned to his grandparents home and sat for a long time and talked and caught up on things. It was later when I realized the time and had to return home to eat dinner. Therefore, at 11:30 p.m. I cooked up several eggs on the stove and caught up on the news as I ate. Then time for a shower and now, here we are.

It is likely that my next scene in The Boondock Kids will introduce a new character but that will have to wait until tomorrow evening. I hope the weather where you are is pleasant as it is here! Have a wonderful Tuesday and thank you for being here!

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