Gifts Arrive!

barney and lexi for dan

As you know, next week I will be traveling to Indy to visit my longtime friend, Magician Daniel Lusk who is founder of Lusk Entertainment. We have not seen one another since I visited him in Indy a couple of years ago when I was catching a flight out of Indy to New Haven Connecticut to attend the a writer’s conference.

I remember meeting ‘Dan’ as I call him, at his offices of Lusk Entertainment where I was given a grand tour and even a signed poster for my office wall. Daniel has himself, performed for churches, birthday parties, county fairs and many halftime shows for the Indiana Pacers basketball tea.

Below is a link to his business website @

dan logo


I am excited to travel to Indy to catch up on both of our careers and also meet his very talented wife, Elle who is becoming quite a name in the ‘food photography’ world.

I am especially excited that on my trip, I will not be traveling alone. Barney & Lexi will join me in Indy!! Daniel and Elle have three amazing children and I want to introduce them to them. I hope that Barney & Lexi are hits with the Lusk children and find a home in their imaginations! I can not wait for one week from now when I will be preparing to leave!

For now, it is almost time to rest for the day job ahead. I want to wish you a wonderful Thursday and hope happiness finds you in it!!


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