Off To See A Castle

Before I came home to my writing, I made my way to my rental house and spent nearly three hours putting in new floor joists so that I could lay a new floor in the bathroom.

It was hot this evening and I almost over did things because I stayed with my project until the framing was complete. At that point, I had stopped sweating and began to feel pretty worn out. I cleaned up my messes and returned home for a cold drink, shower and cooling off.

After dinner I sat down and worked on another page of The Boondock Kids. Tonight Kelmare could sense the curious thoughts of Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena and after some silent thoughts of his own, asked if his new friends would like to see Serabantha Castle, home of Queen Zardania. With that assurance The Boondock Kids agreed that they wished to see Serabantha Castle.

Although the four were cautious, they could not help be agree out of curiosity to see the castle. Cristena was concerned about there safety but was assured by Kelmare that they were not going close enough to the castle to be spotted and if any problem should arise, he could warp them back to the door that led home to Red Hill in a flash.

Now that the kids are going to see the castle, I want to wish you a good night. I hope you enjoy your middle of the week and find everything going your positive direction!

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