Today was one of the hottest this year! It got me down today!

I came home and found one reply to my email into the yahoo group for Illinois SCBWI group. It was from a wonderful woman named, Terri Murphy who had what I was looking for, ADVICE! I know MUST find a means to saving up the yearly membership fee to join the SCBWI. It will take some time but I MUST do this and make it happen!

I hope I find further members come forward but should this be my only help, I AM GRATEFUL!! I want to thank Terri for her time out of her schedule and for her thoughtful guidance.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and is doing their best to remain cool!

Got To Do Something!!

First, let me say that I regret not being on over the weekend. I took my own advice and burnt paths in my house as I thought of what I must do to keep myself moving forward.

Today, I came home from my work, made dinner for myself and sat down with the evening news as I ate. I found myself finished with my dinner and simply watching the news with no real intent. Right then it began!

I started feeling a sense of “This is not ‘ok’ anymore!”

I got up and began to pace my house and kept asking myself what must I do! Then I thought of something I often put off. In order to succeed, you have to look at who you have around you. When I did that, I realized that I had no relationships with any other authors and therefore, no support system for going anywhere.

I sat down and reached out to the SCBWI group on yahoo and flat out said I wanted to make friends and begin creating lasting communications with peers like me. I also explained what I have been doing over the past 12 years and have sought advice and support from others for successful progress and positive momentum.

Ok is not Ok anymore. I WANT MORE! This step came to me only after I forced myself into a state were the norm is not acceptable and while it took a couple of days, something finally clicked and I made myself jump on it and worked my hardest to see it through.

Now I feel great because I made myself reach a state where action had to happen and I went all in with emotion to do it!

As Tuesday approaches, I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and make it work for you!

Coming Down The Stairs

Well, today was hot. I mean it was very hot! The heat index registered at 107* F and it would be the day that the loader at work was down and I had three deliveries to make before lunch and all had to be unloaded by hand.

I became very overheated and for the remainder of the day, I have been feeling very weak and dizzy. I got to the point that I stopped sweating and that is never a good situation to get yourself into.

The deliveries were made and I pushed myself through the workday and got it done in good manner!

Lynden also came over this evening and as the sun set, he and I had a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream. It was only for an hour but it was a nice break to watch him wrestle with Ethan’s cat, Smokey. When Lynden went home, I showered and sat down to work on another small piece of The Boondock Kids!

As Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena stared at the Lower Valley Stairwell, they were a bit skeptical. The stairwell is made of steep, cobble stone steps that had seen some time. Mario and Louis could not believe that the stairs had come out of the canyon wall.

Kelmare made his way through the black and white pillars and took a few steps down the stairwell before turning around. Mario and Louis were eager to follow but in front of them were Sindy and Cristena, who remained unsure of themselves. Kelmare assured the four friends that a slow an steady pace would find the in the Lower Valley in know time.

The Boondock Kids are now on their way down the stairwell!!!

With tomorrow being Friday, I hope for most of you, it is payday and becomes everything you want! Make it happen and take your moments!

How Hard You Can Get Hit & Still Get Up

Today, right before my lunch hour began, a gentleman named Hector, from Arizona wrote me and told me how my last video reached him and inspired him to get into a positive state. It means the world to me to know that I have help another reach the point in their life to push the envelope and move forward.

As we messaged one another over the lunch hour, Hector asked me if I ever fell on hard times. I opened up about my times living in a car and being homeless and what it felt like to get divorced. I let him know that I am single and often miss having someone around but am looking for a positive woman to come into my life and not pull me in the other direction.

When he explained to me that he works 60 hours a week and still feels stuck in life, I let him know that I understood exactly what he felt. I feel stuck in my own life as a writer and that is why I am trying so hard to get out of this rut and move onto a successful career.

Talking to Hector on a ‘not so good day’ for myself, I became inspired to make a video that is not rehearsed and is completely off the cuff, showing me on a less than successful day. I want to thank Hector for writing me and inspiring me to do this!

Not This Round

The latest issue of Hoosier Family Living Magazine has been released and unfortunately my article did not make the space for this printing. While my articles are generally green lit for approval, every writer is made well aware of space limitations and not assured of a selection for every issue. I have strong belief that the article will be seen in the next issue and will be a huge hit. Until then, the head stays up and the feet keep this thing a movin’.

This evening was a great one! I got to spend over an hour with Lynden, watching television and have just some simple chit chat! I love my time with my children and value my one on one time with each of them.

As for the illustrations of Queen Zardania, Danny tells me he is sketching several rough outs of her and I will get to see those soon enough. I will pick out the details that match my vision for her and then Danny will put those all together to bring the queen to life!

It was all in all a great day and some great things are flowing in the right channels. As this Wednesday begins, I hope that it is a blessed middle of the week and you are making your mark this week!

The Black & White Pillars Of Lower Valley

I have to begin tonight as a very thankful parent. Lynden’s left foot was not broken yesterday and he looks to heal after a week or so!! I was so very worried that it was broken and no parent wants their child hurt. Sent home with a boot to wear and crutches, he is feeling much better and returns to school tomorrow.

Today, the weather was enjoyable and I got to have lunch with my grandmother and my aunt who had drove home from Vermont for a visit. We always meet at a local dive that has some amazing food when she is home. Today was no exception and we sat at a corner table and had some great conversation.

This evening, I helped my grandmother out and aired up a car tire that had gone flat on her. I made my way home afterwards for dinner and working on The Boondock Kids.

As Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena saw now stairs leading down to the Lower Valley, Kelmare then offered to ‘remedy’ that problem.

He walked over to the left, black pillar and placed his hand on one of the black stones and left it there for a brief moment. With his hand still held out, he walked gently over to the right, white pillar and placed his hand upon one of the white stones and held it in place for a brief moment.

After lowering his arm, Kelmare returned to his friends who began to feel the ground beneath them begin to gently rumble. Cristena asked what was going on and Louis feared it was a quake. once the tremor had gone, Kelmare explained that he had ‘remedied’ the problem and asked The Boondock Kids to see for themselves.

Slowly making their way towards the black and white pillars, they each were shocked to now see before them, a stone stairwell that had emerged from the side of the cliff.

Now, as Tuesday has arrived, I wish you a wonderful day and hope that all finds you well and happy! Have a great day!

An Evening With The E.R.

What a wonderful day! The weather was sunny, cool and enjoyable. 

I took my kids to Indiana to check on my article for Hoosier Family Living Magazine. I found the new issue out but that my article had not made print this month. I hope it will reach the next publication.

It was then time for a visit with grandparents and many good games of cornhole. My children love this game and are actually very good at it! The events that would follow now have us at this point in time.

During the evening my sons were playing soccer when Lynden stepped on his left foot wrong and went down. It began swelling right away and I took him to the local E.R.. After three hours no more had been found out and nothing was given nothing for the pain. 

Now we have been in Indiana at a larger hospital E.R. and as midnight approaches it looks to be mid morning before we are able to leave. 

I want to ask for prayers thag it is not a broken foot. Thank you and I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!