Crash, Boom, Bang

Tonight, I came home with special plans. I was excited because I was taking my kids to the county fair and watching a demolition derby! It was very exciting because none of my children have been to one before and I wanted them to experience it and get their take on the event.


We arrived at the fairgrounds and got hamburgers, chips, snow-cones and sodas for the event. We sat in the grandstand and watched as six cars entered the mud filled pit. It was like nothing else for my kids. We watched as the cars banged and clanged their way around the pit until only one remained. At one point one car actually made it on top of another. I was fun, great weather and loud (good thing I brought ear plugs for Ethan and Rylen.


When it was over I got three separate opinions of the nights event. Lynden could have cared less for the derby, Ethan smiled and said it was a good time and Rylen acted as though he was in a large stadium and was cheering on his favorite football team. None the less, we had a great night and made some pretty darn good memories!


Now I have been sitting here for an hour and rereading the last chapter of The Boondock Kids, trying to piece out the next section of the forthcoming scene.  Now that they have seen the Zephermyte Army and remain safe, I admit that I am tackling the task of how I want the four friends to make their way to Queen Zardania’s castle. With a few notes, I will walk away tonight and give it some serious thinking tomorrow.


Before I let you go, I want to wish you a great Saturday ahead hope it finds you well!

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