Make Your Mark!!!

I left work today through the downpour of a late day, summer storm. Strong enough that I had considered not working on my rental house and putting out another page of The Boondock Kids. After an hour of rain, the clouds parted and the sun returned. With my dinner ate, I knew that no work would be done at my rental house if I did not do it myself, therefore I returned to the house and continued repair on the kitchen floor. I am happy to say that after a couple more boards, I will be ready to lay plywood in two rooms!

Working on that house tonight, I began to compare my project to that of life and what I believe is that the house, just like life, can sometimes appear to be worn out and in complete and total disrepair. The floors were sagging, just like one’s outlook can appear to be down trodden and have to chance of being restored.

So what did I do? I cut out the bad parts of the floor and the joist that held the floor up. The floor is what is seen, must like ones personality that must be changed, but if only that changes but nothing else, the floor will simply sag again. The joist had to be repaired and some even replaced. The joist are like the situations and associations one has in their lives. If you change how you act but not what relationships you have then your new character will likely fall just as it had before.

When you repair the joist in your life, meaning repairing relationships or replacing them for more positive ones, you will not only sturdy up your floor but can help it last for a very long time and even be better than before!

I wanted to take tonight encouraging others to rise out of the rut and take life to the next level. I truly believe that life can change the very moment you make the decision to change it. Just like my rental house will not be done overnight, so to, will it take time to completely see that you have changed the game.

I can’t think of how many times, I have looked at my writing career and thought that there was no way I will ever make it. It’s too hard, to mean and to bias. But the reality is that I will NEVER give up. I simply can’t!! I will become traditionally published but right now I can do so many things to also find success and be a role model for others. That’s what you do, find a way to make it work.

If you try and it doesn’t work, readjust your effort and direction and try something else. At some point, it has to work, there is no math in the world that can prove success won’t happen and the is because success must happen, you just have to keep going!

I have had a column in a newspaper, I write for two magazines, I have eight books written, I have this blogs with 13,200+ incredible viewers whom I am humbled to have! I have been praised by teachers and young readers and at the same time been torn to pieces by critics who ‘think’ they know the future. But all in all, I get back up and keep going!

Lately I have cut up my personal ‘floor’ and removed some of my life’s ‘joist’. I have adjusted my character and said goodbye to some negative relationships but what I am building right now will become much stronger and better than ever before. It won’t be finished tomorrow but I WILL get there and so will You!

As I turn in for the night, I want to challenge you to find a real reason to stay where you are and then try really hard to not find a single good reason to move to the next level! The reasons to elevate your life will ALWAYS outweigh the reasons to stay put. Beginning right now, right this minute, make the decision. Decide that right now you are going to Make Your Mark!

Have a wonderful Friday!