When I Put Down My Keypad

Sometimes I put down my keypad and pick up a circular saw. I came home tonight and did just that. Instead of coming inside to my computer, I went to one of my rental homes and began work on repairing some bad places in the flooring.

After three hours, I had wrung out a gallon of sweat. It was almost dark before I came home for my dinner clean up. As I ate, I began to think a out Thel Boondock Kids. That led into tonights scene.

Upon entering Spyderia again, Kelmare takes Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena on a walking tour. It is near the high cliffs that TBK discover their second creature of Spyderia, the Zeps as I call them. An army of electrical skeleton that do the work of Queen Zardania. Kelmare works very hard to keep everyone out of sight, warning that tbeir electrical charge can kill many!

With that begun, I will turn in to bed for an early work day tomorrow. I wish you a happy Wednesday and hope you are able to smile!!