Change Of Plans

Well, I had planned too come home tonight and begin work again on The Boondock Kids but tonight things changed.

Today at my work, we were short handed three people, leaving three of us to run our hardware store. One of those three was very sick, thus leaving two to help keep the day together.

It was lunchtime with I took a call from my grandmother and was invited to dinner with her, my father, step-mother and great-uncle from Michigan. I really enjoy these dinners which only happen a couple of times a year and quickly accepted my invitation.

It wasn’t huge, we all went to Denny’s and ate but the conversation is always intelligent and our meals are always delicious. Tonight was not exception as we ate and returned to my grandmother’s home for an hour of conversation.

As I return home, it is now after eleven and with the owner of our company on vacation, I will be heading in earlier. That means I will take this night off from my work and be back to it tomorrow. I hope you have a great Tuesday and that positive things find you!