Heating Up


I woke this morning to the cheerful sounds of three giggling young boys. As I opened my eyes, I was blessed to have Rylen, my seven year old, come into my room and lay down with me, as he has done so much. When he informed me that he was hungry, we got up and went into the kitchen. There, we all helped prepare scrambled eggs, sausage links and cinnamon rolls. Quite tasty for us here at 1 Imaginary Fox!

After breakfast came the cries for the swimming pool outside and permission to swim. I made them wait 30 minutes, which was forever to my children, and then released them to the swimming pool.

While they swam, I spent the next couple of hours of the day trimming tree branches that were hanging low in the backyard. It had been a couple of years since I last did this and time had caught up with me (or grown back up actually). By late afternoon, I had three large piles and three hungry children again.

Being very hot, I happily went inside with my boys and we made pizza for lunch. We got our fill and then all took a break inside and rested for an hour after we ate. During that time, we got down on the floor in the living room and played a few games of Paw Patrol, which is like Candyland. After a few games, the boys were ready to swim again.

We all went back outside and I cleaned up my trimmings while the boys splashed about in the pool. Once finished, I had a pretty good pile out front near the road for the town street department to pick up. None the less, I have four trees that are more that trimmed up but can be walked under easily and my privacy fence is nowhere near the closest limbs that remain. All in all a great afternoon!

As the evening approached, I cleaned my clothes and house as the boys went back next door to the mom. After a long, cool shower, I came into my office/bedroom and got The Boondock Kids pulled back up and am now ready to see what is happening with Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena. Last we saw them, they had returned to Mavenwood and were about to witness a great army. Tomorrow night we will see what happens!!

As for now, I want to wish you a very good beginning to your weekend and hope that what ever mountain you face this week, you climb it and take pride in the view from the top!