A Fence & A Broken Tooth

I slept in late today, 11 a.m. to be exact. I got up and dressed, went outside and worked on a privacy fence for a handful of hours. It was very warm today but once I had put up the planks I had purchased, I am happy with how much of the fence is covered.

Having my children tonight, I came inside and cleaned my little home and took a shower. I welcomed my kids next door and we spent the evening watching movies and eating out dinner.

At dinner of Fettuccine and french fries,  I began to chew on a fry and chipped my front tooth! Although it does not hurt, it feels very strange to have a small gap between two teeth. I will have to work in appointment with a dentist soon to follow up with it!

No writing tonight, as I return to my children for some fun. I hope Sunday finds you well and  happy!