Articles & Illustrations

Today, I came home from work warmed a frozen pizza in the oven and made my way to my computer. As I ate my sausage and pepperoni pizza, I went to work on my baseball article. I loaded my PDF and attached 16 photos to it before sending it off to my publishers at S.E. Illinois Family Living Magazine. I am excited to now have two great articles, for two great magazines finished and in the books (or magazines, lol).

Tonight, I also made the return drive to my Illustrator, Danny Kluis’ home and we spend over an hour throwing out sketches and ideas for Queen Zardaina and the Lydian Fairies from The Boondock Kids. It is pretty comical because Danny had to take a call from another client and while he was gone, I had slipped outside and into his studio in hopes of snapping a photo for this very blog. As I pulled out my phone to take the picture, Danny came to the doors and began laughing as he pleaded with me not to take a photo. I pleaded back, saying that I wanted to share it with everyone.

Now while Danny is one of the most talented artists, I have ever had the privilege of knowing, he is most at home, not inside a lavish studio with every brush and pencil known to man, but rather a simple portable building lined with every tool he needs for his work. I was then told that Danny would pick it up and then have me back to take a photo.

As for now, it has been a wonderful week, and has been filled with so much progress! I have a Saturday off this weekend and will spend it working on a rental home that I own. I also now focus on working on The Boondock Kids further. This book has take a great deal of time to complete but will see its end in 2016! I wish you a positive Saturday and hope all is well with you! 🙂