Article Is Finished!

chauncey author pic

Today, I missed half of the workday with the continued headache from last night. I woke in the afternoon and made my way to work to finish the day out. Once that work was complete, I drove to Chauncey, Illinois and captured some photos of the Chauncey Community Baseball field to complete my photos needed for my article in S.E. Illinois Family Living Magazine.

I just finished writing that article and am very happy with the result and look forward to its publication! What I have is an article that I hope will show the wonder of Chauncey Community Baseball through the eyes of someone who has never witnessed a wonderful game there. It is my hope that others will enjoy ready my article and be drawn in by the portrait that I have painted.

chauncey ball 1

I drove home later to spend some time with my three sons, who had been next door, playing in their swimming pool. It always fills my heart when they knock on the door and ask if they can stay for a while. We ate dinner and played games before they returned next door to prepare for bed.

I then got in my Jimmy with two more drawings from The Boondock Kids and made the drive to my illustrator’s home. When I arrived, Danny was quite busy, breaking a sweat in his own studio. Our meeting was short in part to an important telephone call but has been rescheduled for tomorrow evening. At that point, we will go over the creation process for the Lydian Fairies and for Queen Zardania. I am very excited for tomorrow!

chauncey ball 2

Now, as I say goodnight, it is my hope that the workweek ends on positive success and finds everyone enjoying a wonderful summer weekend!



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