Article Begun

Tonight, I came home and with the help of two of my sons, we cleared the storm damage that had fallen against my home yesterday during a noon time storm.  I enjoyed having my kids come out and help me, it has been a very hot day and we were able to finish the job much quicker with everyone’s help.

For the past hour, with my oldest son watching television in the living room, I have begun working on my article for S.E. Illinois Family Living Magazine, covering Chauncey Community Baseball. After a handful of paragraphs into the article I am very happy at the direction it is beginning to take.My hope is to have it submitted by the end of the week and move back into The Boondock Kids!

I am also happy to announce that in August, I will be traveling to Indianapolis, Indiana to visit one of my best friends, Magician Daniel Lusk who is owner of Lusk Entertainment. It has been too long since last seeing my friend and I look forward to a great visit! I will post more on that as it nears.

As for now, I wish you a wonderful Wednesday and hope your goals find you!




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