Franklin Street Bazaar


Tonight, I signed up my children for school, yeah, it’s getting that time again! After one hour and signing enough papers that I feel as though I have purchased a home, I returned home to begin working with Barney & Lexi again.

I have been honored with a request from the Midwest Writer’s Guild President, Marjorie Russell Kough, asking be for copies of Barney & Lexi. The guild has expressed interest in selling Barney & Lexi at the Franklin Street Bazaar in Evansville, Indiana! Tonight, I packed the traveling friends for their trip to Evansville. As a writer, I thank them for their support and interest.

Tomorrow, it will be time to sit down and begin work on my baseball article for S.E. Illinois Family Living Magazine. I have a ton of photos submitted from family of players and look forward to making this a wonderful article for others enjoyment in reading.

I want to wish you a wonderful Tuesday and hope you Live With Passion!