Success, Just One Heartbeat Away!

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Did you know that everyone falls? Everyone has a bad day, week, month and year. What makes us who we are is how we rise or fall further from those moments. Some will see a failure as just another in a string of a life that is destine to fail, regardless of any effort that one makes to improve it. Others, who may be just as down in the moment, will one day make the declaration that they will not stay down, regardless of what is place on top of them. All to often nothing but success can lead to failure and failure will lead to success.
You may find yourself one day standing on top of the mountain with many fans and admirers, then find yourself laying in the valley with very few there to help. Regardless, it is NOT others who will make your break you but only YOU who will drive your car on the highway of life.

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In my life as a writer, I have had my office filled with tons of letters and cards from children telling me they love my books or loved me coming to speak with them. I have also had critics say my work isn’t worth a damn.

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I have been on top of things and I’ve had moments slip by. I have had posts that have hundreds of likes, comments and shares, while having some of my best posts barely raking in one or two.

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If you ask me about my path, it is easy to say that I will fall and fail, but no matter if it only takes a day to bounce back or months, the fact about Levi Fox, L.B. Fox or daddy is that I WILL NEVER REMAIN DOWN! That is not in my blueprint for the future I am working for!
This year I decided that I must surround myself with others who are passionate about life in what ever field they are in. Although we rarely see one another, I am proud to have a circle of friends who are writers, magicians, photographers, motivational speakers and those who think outside of the box in general. When you think inside the box, you become OK WITH OK. From me, OK IS NOT OK!

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It doesn’t matter how much how much money you have, how big your house is, you may not have a home. What matters is your heart and character. You likely have what it takes but may be off focus by just a fraction. If it don’t work, TRY ANOTHER WAY!
One day isn’t gonna cut it! Well tomorrow, won’t work! When this happens is not the answer. Ask yourself, WHAT CAN I DO TODAY!!


There’s Nothing Quite Like A Bookstore!

I once thought I had not gone to far but looking at these photos, though only a small sample, is proof that success is only a heartbeat away! Tomorrow is not granted, LIVE TODAY!!!

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