Kemps, Uno & A Request

Tonight has been the first night in a week that I have not worked on writing. It was spent on something just as important!

I went next door to play cards with my children, their mother and stepfather. It was the first time that we had ever done that and I have to say that some great memories were made tonight! Lynden (my oldest) showed us all a card game that he had learned while camping in the Smokey Mountains with Boy Scouts. The game was called, Kemps and had us all laughing as we played several hands.

That was followed by many games of Uno Attack as my younger sons, Ethan and Rylen sat on the couch with tablets. Even in the electronic age, a card or board game can still bring a family together like nothing else. It was a great time and two hours well enjoyed!

As I returned hold to check the last two hours of email I have, I found a letter from the President of the Midwest Writer’s Guild, asking me if I would be willing to sell copies of Barney & Lexi at Evansville, Indiana’s, Franklin Street Bazaar. I said yes right away and will work on getting those to here this business week.

You might think that with some projects wrapped, that it may be time for a short break but that ain’t going to happen! I’ve rested long enough and am moving onward! I want to wish you a wonderful Saturday and hope that you find nothing but imagination this weekend!