2 Completions & 2 Submissions

This evening I grilled hamburgers outside for my dinner and have to say that they were delicious!

After that dinner, I came into my office/bedroom am completed my article for Hoosier Family Living Magazine. I am happy to report that the article and all accompanying photos have been sent off to my publishers for review, something all articles are placed through before print.

Once I finished this project, I noticed that it was still early and that was all I needed to jump into another project that needed to be completed. That project was submitting Into The Evermore, to the Midwest Writer’s Guild for entry into the guilds yearly anthology that will be put out later this year.

I email the guild’s president with all of the information that was requested at this months meeting. There will be a first and second place entry with cash rewards given to both positions. I would be honored to place in this anthology!

Next up is the beginning of my baseball article for S.E. Illinois Family Living Magazine. I have several great pictures and look forward getting started on that! At some point I must work on my bathroom floor tile and fix my toilet that has been leaking for a week from inside. These projects were both exciting and I pushed my bathroom back again. Lol, at least the leak is on the inside and not hurting anything for now.

Now to a very serious matter before I go to bed…

As I lay down tonight after my work is finished. I will bow my head at my bed and pray for every person hurt in Nice, France today. My heart feels for those who were hurt, severely injured and those who lost their lives. I hope one day that our world can live in peace. Please have a positive Friday!!