A Late Night With The Wieling Dynasty

desk 1

I came home today, exhausted and hot from driving almost 200 miles in company trucks. It was a muggy afternoon and the air conditioners did their very best to keep up. I came home, did laundry, ate a turkey sub and went to my office/bedroom to finish my transfer of my article for Hoosier Family Living Magazine from paper and into my computer.

It was this evening that I immortalized The Wieling Dynasty into Quarter Horse infamy. I loved reading my article back to myself and realizing just how much unbridled passion and love a family is capable of and how it brings everyone much closer.

It took a total of three hours but the transfer is finished and by weeks end, I will scan my photos again and email the article off to the publishers for the next print deadline. It may print as one article or three, depending on how much space is available.

It is now almost midnight and I have been at my desk since 7 and my legs are going numb. With that, I wish you a very blessed Thursday and that your life is moving forward!!