A Night With The Guild.



There’s Nothing Quite Like A Bookstore!

My work day was not bad, I took two deliveries, which helped get me out of the office and into the sunshine. It also helped me move closer to five o’clock and being able to travel to Evansville, Indiana to attend a Midwest Writer’s Guild meeting.

I haven’t been to a meeting since Winter because of my work schedule. If I leave at closing time, I can just make the start of the meets. However, if my work keeps me 15 or 20 minutes late, I will miss half of the meeting if I hit red lights along the way. It is almost a 70 mile trip, one way, and today I was lucky enough to walk out the door at five and head straight to Evansville. I made it to this months meeting with a couple of minutes to spare!

Tonight’s meeting was very talkative. A young teen read some of his work and did a great job at that! Then an officer from the Evansville Police Department gave a presentation ¬†on proper interviewing. The meeting also had another presentation from a gentleman who owned and published his own newspaper.

After the meeting had ended, I approached the President and Treasurer of the guild to take care of my yearly dues. It was then that they both had told me that my name, Levi, was beautiful and that I should write under that name. I laughed and said that I love using L.B. Fox as that is part of my name. I have never wanted to write with my full name because I always thought it was kinda cool how author use abbreviated names as pen names. Although it may be cool as an author name, I will remain with my name as is.

I will not be working on my article tonight. It’s time for a shower and then bed. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and hope all is well with you!