A Bed To Lay…


It took me a couple of attempts, but tonight, I picked up the bed I had purchased and brought it home. While it is not new, it is clean, not wore too bad and will give me more room than the couch that has been my resting place for the past month.Tonight, I happily look forward to being able to do more than just sleep on my back. None the less, I am very grateful for having a bed to lay on again.

I also began working on my transfer of my article this evening. with just over six pages of notes, it is going to be more intensive than I had first thought. Spending my time reading and trying to self edit myself, is a slow process but it will help polish the final piece for publication.

As for my next article, pictures are flowing into my inbox from members of the Chauncey Community Baseball members. I am so thankful for the overwhelming support for the article in just one day!

Tomorrow evening’s post may come later in the night. I am traveling to Evansville, Indiana to attend a meeting of The Midwest Writer’s Guild. I have not attended since Winter and look forward to this months gathering.

I saw all three of my children today, which always brings a smile to my face!! I may not have much money right now, but I have a lot of love! It is with that love that I wish you a Terrific Tuesday and hope for a successful day be in the works for you! 🙂


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