Where Did I Pack That?

Saturday night saw my children staying up the latest they have ever done so as a group. Midnight had arrived before the lights went out. You can imagine that my kids, who are often early risers, slept in this morning until almost 10a.m.!

Sunday became a day of cartoons, games, puzzles and macaroni n cheese! My oldest son, Lynden left to go with family to the local lake on their boat, leaving Ethan and Rylen to hang out with me until six.

At dusk, I was invited to watch a late fireworks display with my children and had a wonderful evening sitting outside in the cool night and having many laughs!

I returned home and uploaded Open Office Writer to my computer so that I can begin work on copying my article for Hoosier Family Living Magazine. I must get it transferred from paper (yes, I still write on paper sometimes) onto my computer and upload everything into the email for my publisher.

Now the only question remaining is, WHERE DID I PACK IT!? A handful of boxes remain unopened and I will spend tomorrow evening making my transfer. Before the work week is complete, I will have my article sent off for publication.

Once that is complete, I will begin on article #2 for Southeastern Illinois Family Living Magazine covering Chauncey Community Baseball, a wonderful rural, youth baseball organization. I posted today on Facebook that I was not accepting photos from our group for the article and have them flowing in now! Tonight I also went through and cleaned my email so that I am prepared for more photos to come!

Well, as 12:30a.m. is approaching I wish you a good nights rest! Although it is officially Monday I want to wish you a wonderful week ahead!