Counting Coins

Today I worked half of the day to earn my paycheck and then came home and did some work on putting up the start of a small privacy fence to give my neighbors and I a bit of privacy when outside. Then it was time to come inside and count six months worth of change that has built up. Now I never save the quarters, they are easy to spend since four of them make a dollar.

To be honest, the reason I am counting the change is because I have no money left to get me through the following week. After several bills and paying for a new bed (because my last one had some sort of bug on it), I have no more money. However, I do not plan on letting that get me down!

Beginning tomorrow night, I will work on completing my article for Southeastern Illinois Family Living Magazine so I can move on to my youth baseball article for Hoosier Family Living Magazine. As for now, it is almost time to see my children for the weekend and want to wish you a wonderful Saturday and Sunday!! Have a great day!!

Ready To Rock And Roll!!

After my last post, my bedroom/writing room/office became 100 square feet of pure chaos!

Having my children on the weekends and needing a place for them to sleep at night, I made my room from cleaning my kitchen and living room. That cleaning lead into many items from my past office had now covered my entire desk, spilling over onto the floor, allowing me only enough room to reach my dresser for a change of clothes.

This evening, with my oldest son, Lynden, watching television in the living room, I spent two hours picking up and putting away things properly. I know have a clear desk and a clean floor to get to that desk!!

With access to my computer, access to the internet and room to do what I have to do, it is now time to ROCK AND ROLL!! Sit back and enjoy, I’m going to make this happen!!!

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