Kids Club Inductee!


I came home today and found some wonderful news waiting for me! I was notified that Barney & Lexi: Lost in Lawrenceville are now a part of Barnes & Nobles: KIDS CLUB! I am so excited and happy for Barney & Lexi and grateful to be a part of this club selection! Never stop readying and letting the magic of a story take you to other places!!



Crash, Boom, Bang

Tonight, I came home with special plans. I was excited because I was taking my kids to the county fair and watching a demolition derby! It was very exciting because none of my children have been to one before and I wanted them to experience it and get their take on the event.


We arrived at the fairgrounds and got hamburgers, chips, snow-cones and sodas for the event. We sat in the grandstand and watched as six cars entered the mud filled pit. It was like nothing else for my kids. We watched as the cars banged and clanged their way around the pit until only one remained. At one point one car actually made it on top of another. I was fun, great weather and loud (good thing I brought ear plugs for Ethan and Rylen.


When it was over I got three separate opinions of the nights event. Lynden could have cared less for the derby, Ethan smiled and said it was a good time and Rylen acted as though he was in a large stadium and was cheering on his favorite football team. None the less, we had a great night and made some pretty darn good memories!


Now I have been sitting here for an hour and rereading the last chapter of The Boondock Kids, trying to piece out the next section of the forthcoming scene.  Now that they have seen the Zephermyte Army and remain safe, I admit that I am tackling the task of how I want the four friends to make their way to Queen Zardania’s castle. With a few notes, I will walk away tonight and give it some serious thinking tomorrow.


Before I let you go, I want to wish you a great Saturday ahead hope it finds you well!

Make Your Mark!!!

I left work today through the downpour of a late day, summer storm. Strong enough that I had considered not working on my rental house and putting out another page of The Boondock Kids. After an hour of rain, the clouds parted and the sun returned. With my dinner ate, I knew that no work would be done at my rental house if I did not do it myself, therefore I returned to the house and continued repair on the kitchen floor. I am happy to say that after a couple more boards, I will be ready to lay plywood in two rooms!

Working on that house tonight, I began to compare my project to that of life and what I believe is that the house, just like life, can sometimes appear to be worn out and in complete and total disrepair. The floors were sagging, just like one’s outlook can appear to be down trodden and have to chance of being restored.

So what did I do? I cut out the bad parts of the floor and the joist that held the floor up. The floor is what is seen, must like ones personality that must be changed, but if only that changes but nothing else, the floor will simply sag again. The joist had to be repaired and some even replaced. The joist are like the situations and associations one has in their lives. If you change how you act but not what relationships you have then your new character will likely fall just as it had before.

When you repair the joist in your life, meaning repairing relationships or replacing them for more positive ones, you will not only sturdy up your floor but can help it last for a very long time and even be better than before!

I wanted to take tonight encouraging others to rise out of the rut and take life to the next level. I truly believe that life can change the very moment you make the decision to change it. Just like my rental house will not be done overnight, so to, will it take time to completely see that you have changed the game.

I can’t think of how many times, I have looked at my writing career and thought that there was no way I will ever make it. It’s too hard, to mean and to bias. But the reality is that I will NEVER give up. I simply can’t!! I will become traditionally published but right now I can do so many things to also find success and be a role model for others. That’s what you do, find a way to make it work.

If you try and it doesn’t work, readjust your effort and direction and try something else. At some point, it has to work, there is no math in the world that can prove success won’t happen and the is because success must happen, you just have to keep going!

I have had a column in a newspaper, I write for two magazines, I have eight books written, I have this blogs with 13,200+ incredible viewers whom I am humbled to have! I have been praised by teachers and young readers and at the same time been torn to pieces by critics who ‘think’ they know the future. But all in all, I get back up and keep going!

Lately I have cut up my personal ‘floor’ and removed some of my life’s ‘joist’. I have adjusted my character and said goodbye to some negative relationships but what I am building right now will become much stronger and better than ever before. It won’t be finished tomorrow but I WILL get there and so will You!

As I turn in for the night, I want to challenge you to find a real reason to stay where you are and then try really hard to not find a single good reason to move to the next level! The reasons to elevate your life will ALWAYS outweigh the reasons to stay put. Beginning right now, right this minute, make the decision. Decide that right now you are going to Make Your Mark!

Have a wonderful Friday!




Zephermytes & Queen Zardania

It was a pretty hot day today. Hot enough that I did not work on one of my rental homes, instead spent the evening with my three kids and had a bunch of fun!!

I love being with my children and enjoy making such an important impact in their lives. They are the driving force behind my push for a higher level of living and of success. 

I sat down tonight, after my boys returned to their mothers and wrote another page of The Boondock Kids. Tonight, Kelmare explains that the Zephermyte Army is controled by Queen Zardania and is used to squash any who would attempt to oppose her rule. Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena begin to ask Kelmare about Spyderia’s Queen and discover that Spyderia was once many seperate regions with it’s own overseer. One day panic spread as they overseers disappeared. Zardania appeared from out of knowhere and appointed herself ruler of Spyderia. 

Kelmare quietly expressed his belief that Queen Zardania was nothing more than an evil magician.But where did she come from? Even I do not know that one yet!!

As I say goodnight, I want to thank you for being here, reading and commenting. It means so much that you take time to be here! Have a wonderful Thursday!

When I Put Down My Keypad

Sometimes I put down my keypad and pick up a circular saw. I came home tonight and did just that. Instead of coming inside to my computer, I went to one of my rental homes and began work on repairing some bad places in the flooring.

After three hours, I had wrung out a gallon of sweat. It was almost dark before I came home for my dinner clean up. As I ate, I began to think a out Thel Boondock Kids. That led into tonights scene.

Upon entering Spyderia again, Kelmare takes Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena on a walking tour. It is near the high cliffs that TBK discover their second creature of Spyderia, the Zeps as I call them. An army of electrical skeleton that do the work of Queen Zardania. Kelmare works very hard to keep everyone out of sight, warning that tbeir electrical charge can kill many!

With that begun, I will turn in to bed for an early work day tomorrow. I wish you a happy Wednesday and hope you are able to smile!!

Change Of Plans

Well, I had planned too come home tonight and begin work again on The Boondock Kids but tonight things changed.

Today at my work, we were short handed three people, leaving three of us to run our hardware store. One of those three was very sick, thus leaving two to help keep the day together.

It was lunchtime with I took a call from my grandmother and was invited to dinner with her, my father, step-mother and great-uncle from Michigan. I really enjoy these dinners which only happen a couple of times a year and quickly accepted my invitation.

It wasn’t huge, we all went to Denny’s and ate but the conversation is always intelligent and our meals are always delicious. Tonight was not exception as we ate and returned to my grandmother’s home for an hour of conversation.

As I return home, it is now after eleven and with the owner of our company on vacation, I will be heading in earlier. That means I will take this night off from my work and be back to it tomorrow. I hope you have a great Tuesday and that positive things find you!


Heating Up


I woke this morning to the cheerful sounds of three giggling young boys. As I opened my eyes, I was blessed to have Rylen, my seven year old, come into my room and lay down with me, as he has done so much. When he informed me that he was hungry, we got up and went into the kitchen. There, we all helped prepare scrambled eggs, sausage links and cinnamon rolls. Quite tasty for us here at 1 Imaginary Fox!

After breakfast came the cries for the swimming pool outside and permission to swim. I made them wait 30 minutes, which was forever to my children, and then released them to the swimming pool.

While they swam, I spent the next couple of hours of the day trimming tree branches that were hanging low in the backyard. It had been a couple of years since I last did this and time had caught up with me (or grown back up actually). By late afternoon, I had three large piles and three hungry children again.

Being very hot, I happily went inside with my boys and we made pizza for lunch. We got our fill and then all took a break inside and rested for an hour after we ate. During that time, we got down on the floor in the living room and played a few games of Paw Patrol, which is like Candyland. After a few games, the boys were ready to swim again.

We all went back outside and I cleaned up my trimmings while the boys splashed about in the pool. Once finished, I had a pretty good pile out front near the road for the town street department to pick up. None the less, I have four trees that are more that trimmed up but can be walked under easily and my privacy fence is nowhere near the closest limbs that remain. All in all a great afternoon!

As the evening approached, I cleaned my clothes and house as the boys went back next door to the mom. After a long, cool shower, I came into my office/bedroom and got The Boondock Kids pulled back up and am now ready to see what is happening with Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena. Last we saw them, they had returned to Mavenwood and were about to witness a great army. Tomorrow night we will see what happens!!

As for now, I want to wish you a very good beginning to your weekend and hope that what ever mountain you face this week, you climb it and take pride in the view from the top!


A Fence & A Broken Tooth

I slept in late today, 11 a.m. to be exact. I got up and dressed, went outside and worked on a privacy fence for a handful of hours. It was very warm today but once I had put up the planks I had purchased, I am happy with how much of the fence is covered.

Having my children tonight, I came inside and cleaned my little home and took a shower. I welcomed my kids next door and we spent the evening watching movies and eating out dinner.

At dinner of Fettuccine and french fries,  I began to chew on a fry and chipped my front tooth! Although it does not hurt, it feels very strange to have a small gap between two teeth. I will have to work in appointment with a dentist soon to follow up with it!

No writing tonight, as I return to my children for some fun. I hope Sunday finds you well and  happy!