It’s A Good Kind Of Cluster!

Well, I have a huge bundle of plugs, cords and lines lying at my feet as we speak. In that jumbled mess, I had thought was my connection cord to upload photos with but regrettably, it is not to be found. I had hoped to begin placing photos back onto my blog until the last few boxes are opened and I find my all important cord, my posts shall remain photoless (is that really even a word, oh well).

This evening was such a wonderful time! I took my two younger sons to their baseball game which happens to be in the middle of a country field! I will soon be writing an article on Chauncey Community Baseball for an upcoming issue of Southeastern Illinois Family Living Magazine!

I am currently finishing up an article for Hoosier Family Living Magazine about a wonderful three generation of horse barrel racers! I look to complete it very soon and jump into my baseball article.

I have also noticed that some images from my main page have disappeared from my blog. I will be replacing them this week with a current image once I am able to upload them. Until then, I wish you all a very safe and wonderful Tuesday!!


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