Back Up & Soon To Be Running Full Steam!

What else can I say but, IT’S GREAT TO BE BACK WITH YOU!!

It has been such a long time, but thanks to some wonderful people, I have the internet!

I want to catch you up and say thank you for hanging in there while life has thrown a curveball my way! First, 1 Imaginary Fox has moved! Being divorced, I was finding it difficult to continue living in my home without help, therefore, I have rented my home to my first ex-wife (yes there are two and only two), her husband and my three incredible sons. I have moved next door into my rental house that is smaller and more easy going on my finances. While it has been an adjustment going from 2500 square down to 500 square feet, I have been blessed to have my children closer to me than ever in the past five years and I am grateful for that!

It is because of my first ex-wife (again there are two) and her husband that I now have the internet and will from now on. My only setback is space to write, as my bedroom/office is an explosion of work and drawings. I am working to put everything away and return to complete The Boondock Kids by years end!

I have not been able to enter any contest due to lack of money but look to see this change with July around the corner. It’s time to see just where Barney & Lexi can go and just how far I can take The Evermore Collection to. Everyone who has read both have given positive reviews!

This past month has been busy with my children playing baseball several nights a week and will conclude after this coming week is finished. This weekend I made significant progress in my smaller home and will soon have everything where it needs to be. Here I share my 500 square feet with a dog, a cat, several goldfish and four hermit crabs. To say the least, it still feels like home.

I will work to write something every night from here on and let you know once I have returned to The Boondock Kids. I’m excited to share the process to completion with you! I hope I am able to earn your support and your reading my posts again! In todays world, once you stop writing, you become yesterdays hot topic, with time I promise to each that point again. Until then, I wish you a wonderful Monday and the beginning to an extraordinary week!!


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