Set your goals!

Today I came home from work and quickly cleaned my home for when my boy’s come over after while. I ate my lunch and then have spent the past four hours goal setting and discovering what I truly want out of this life.


As I was writing, it was clearly changing my perception of why I wanted these things and what they meant to me. Putting them down on paper gets the thoughts where I have a remarkable and powerful set of visual aids. It also serves as a reminder at multiple points throughout my day, not just when I think of them.


Next, I began to write down what I am looking for in another woman, once this was done, I was shocked. After seeing what I desire most, it was understandable why all of my relationships and two marriages did not last. I always knew things in my head but to put them on paper was clarifying.
So regardless of what any other individual may say or think of your goals, write them down and begin living in the direction you want to go!

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